Information Systems - 2013

Topics in the course:

  • The Internet, email, browsers, and report writing 
  • Introduction to computer hardware and software
  • Future Technology
  • Future Careers
  • Effective business information system
  • Databases
  • Telecommunications and networking
  • Designing a business information system
  • Ergonomics

The assignments involved:

  • Developing new sales recording system using Excel spreadsheet using several different functions, containing a four weekly sales worksheets, a monthly sales summary worksheet, a chart and analysing the sales data for a small-medium size business producing, marketing, and selling gift-ware
  • Designing and developing an Access database application integrated with spreadsheet, presentation, and word processor software
  • Preparing  Power Point Presentation for the business and make recommendations about the use of emerging technologies to illustrate each part of the extension to the business information system built and the need for security
  • Prepare a report defining the phases of the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process  in terms of the organisations new database system, defining how e-commerce will address the weaknesses of the business information system and how the features will help the business grow and remain competitive
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