Web Design - 2006

 Topic's in the course:

  • Internet: origins and developments, protocols, web technologies, user agents, standards, separation of presentation/document structure, and accessibility.
  • Usability and testing: user-centric design, cross-platform design, and usability testing.
  • Web Design Principles: site planning and navigation, links, page design principles, textural design, colour and images, and multimedia.
  • Team processes: web project development, project planning, proposal, blueprint, integration and testing, launch, sign off, and maintenance.

Assignments include:

  • Developing web pages that validate to the latest W3C recommendation.
  • Developing a collection of web documents that are usable and accessible using web authoring and online tools.
  • Selecting appropriate processes to be used by a web design project team to produce and maintain a collection of web documents that satisfies business requirements.

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