Business/Systems Analysis

Technology evolves frequently it is important to keep up to date with latest IT innovations. The essence of this process identifies and clarifies exactly where the organisation is (assessment), specify what needs to be done (strategy), and how to do it (execution).


Understand the business situation internally and externally. Identifying issues that require strategic attention and developing conclusions. The process used includes: 

1. Positioning analysis – analyse situations, determine available options and then plan a strategy by understanding the state of information technology in strategic areas: 

  1.  Enhance customer satisfaction
  2.  Technology trends
  3.  IS&T industry products and services
  4.  Business partner interactions
  5.  IS&T department skills

2. Situational analysis – use various analysis methods to interpret the organisations data and the environment. Strategy is developed from previous experiences from business units and individuals in the organisation

Strategy (Business Model) 

Identifying the organisations strategy statements, the required objectives that need to be achieved, and the strategic actions required to achieve objectives. Strategies identify the required actions for a commitment plan focusing on objectives and a change management plan to anticipate and reduce resistance to change. Technological changes may include:

  1. Information digitization 
  2. Reduced computing costs 
  3. Broadband communications 


Putting the plan into action, programs are divided into multiple projects to make strategies operational to achieve goals. Close monitoring and control processes will be required to harness mistakes as soon as they occur this includes:

  1. Adjusting and tuning the projects
  2. Documenting feedback from project tasks
  3. Analyse the organisations environment for additional conditions that may require a strategic actions
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