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B2B and/or B2C. 

No merchant account, just an email address associated with your Paypal account.

Store Features

  • Open source - No software, modify your store through a web browser
  • Extensive multi-language support
  • Display product details on one page or on any page
  • Create custom store settings for upload or installation 
  • Secure payments via Paypal 
  • Customers do not have to register


  • Separate site admin, store admin, and store email addresses
  • Assign primary shop owner role
  • Assign secondary shop operator role with reduced access
  • Import and export products, categories, images and downloads
  • Import and export store settings
  • Export orders
  • Order Management
  • Rich text templates for all emails and orders
  • Stock control
  • Separate stock management screen
  • Invoice templates
  • Special template to be displayed when store operator has reached the product limit.
  • Allow store operator to reset a customer password


  • Configure columns display
  • Set page size
  • Set default category, sort order and sort direction per product list
  • Specify separate product list, alt-list and details templates per product list
  • Form fields for manufacturer, product name, reference code, summary, rich text full description, tax category, product categories
  • Create custom form fields of type checkbox, textbox, dropdown list and radio buttons
  • Use custom form field tokens in product views
  • Add document downloads to products e.g. user-guides or specification manuals
  • Products can belong to multiple categories
  • Copy any product with all models and options to a new product
  • Set product as archived, featured or deleted
  • Downloadable products
  • Add any number of product options with price variations
  • Add any number of product models with price variations and stock control
  • Product list and details templates
  • Different product list and details templates per product list module
  • Nested templates
  • Optionally display separate list and details templates for signed-in users
  • Per-category product list template
  • Per-category product details template
  • High quality image processing
  • Full control over all image processing options
  • Specify different list, details and additional image sizes per product list
  • Lightbox template for primary image
  • Separate lightbox template for additional images
  • Special token for a “sold-out” image overlay
  • Separate zero-price template
  • Default sort order per list module


  • Unlimited categories and sub-categories
  • Rich text message per-category
  • Category archive, hide, delete, and use for discounts
  • Category order sorted by number
  • Specify separate product list, alt-list and details templates per category
  • Set default category per product list module
  • Display category and/or product name as module title

Purchasing & pricing

  • Tax included, tax not included, and no-tax modes
  • Tax can be applied store-wide, per category, or per product.
  • Discounts per category
  • Discounts per user
  • Discounts per role
  • Discount by fixed or percentage values
  • Bulk purchase discounts
  • Discount coupon codes
  • Limit the number of any given product that can be purchased by one person in one order
  • Optional real-time stock control when items added to cart
  • Optionally force carts to expire after specified period
  • Special gateway template displayed when account registration is enabled
  • Set minimum purchase value
  • Template for minimum purchase value not yet reached


  • Email, cheque or direct banking orders
  • Credit card at PayPal, SIPS, DPS PxPay, PayBox, Authorize.Net (alpha), DIBS, E-Way and SPplus
  • Plug-in architecture for payment gateways
  • Anonymous payment option registration not required
  • Separate minicart-empty and minicart-full templates
  • Separate empty-cart template
  • Templates for payment failure, payment success and in-processing
  • Separate billing and delivery address
  • Special instructions on checkout
  • Optionally skip cart on checkout
  • Optionally do not validate address fields other than email


  • Create multiple shipping methods
  • Each method calculates shipping based on quantity, price, weight, country, product
  • Set a free shipping value
  • Tracking code field and matching templates
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