Data Communications and Computer Networks - 2014

Topics in the course include:

  • Preparing a plan of action
  • Data Communication concepts
  • Data Transmission
  • Data link layer
  • The network layer
  • Local area networks
  • Wide area networks
  • Backbone Networks
  • Network design and implementation
  • Network operating systems and software
  • Network security
  • Network resource management
  • Network performance measurement and testing
  • Data Protection

Assignments include:

  • Producing a network design for an organisation
  • Recommend platforms, network operating systems and application software
  • Estimate the implementation and operational costs for the network design
  • Develop an implementation plan
  • Propose upgrade stages, equipment needs/changes and any network disruption implications
  • Identify the users data requirements
  • Identify the network bottlenecks
  • Recommend changes to the network to fix the immediate problems and allow for growth in traffic
  • Maintain a personal journal


  • network disruption
  • network security
  • network processes
  • network management
  • web server
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